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The young generation doesn't know how to use email.

This story shows how the medium of large distance communication is evolving. Once people were limited to telegrams and postal letters. Then with the invention of the Internet we began using email, and nowadays its shifting to social networking websites, such as Facebook. Without further ado, the story. While browsing some albums on Facebook I found a picture I really liked. In a comment I asked the owner, a friend, whether she could send me a higher quality image by email.  She's about 10 years old. I have also attached my email address in the format username[at] . A few seconds later I receive this reply:  " i dont have gmail... :P " The reply blew me away. It instantly imagined that she may never have used email, so I started looking at a very simple way to send me the photo. I thought that would probably be too hard for her if she doesn't have an email. So I tried to find a way to let her upload the image to my Dropbox in one click.