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Changing selection color with CSS3

CSS3 is bringing many innovations to web design. One of these is the possibility of customizing the selection color of text, graphics and every other element of the markup. By default, on most browsers, the selection color is a blue and the color of text becomes white. It is now very easy to change this behavior and add a nice touch of color to your website. Changing the selection color can be achieved with the pseudo-element ::selection like this (a vendor prefix is still required for Firefox): ::selection {  background: rgb(131,209,222);       /* Webkit browres*/ color:#336; } ::-moz-selection { background: rgb(131,209,222);       /* Firefox */ color:#336; } This will change the default selection color to a greenish-blue and change the color of the text to a dark blue. The power of ::selection does not end there. It is of equal simplicity to define a different color for each element. In this example  the text of the first paragraph is selected in red, the text of the second

On learning the Colemak keyboard layout

Before learning the Colemak keyboard layout , I managed to write at 70wpm in English on the Slovenian QWERTZ layout. I started learning the new keyboard layout in mid September 2010, about 3 weeks before starting university. I was not interested in maintaining a skill in both layouts as I hoped to completely replace my layout as soon as possible. However it took me about a month before I reached 40wpm on the Colemak layout. This was enough to completely abandon the QWERTZ layout and since, my writing speed has been increasing slowly but steadily. US Colemak keyboard layout: Slovenian QWERTZ keyboard layout: The decision to learn Colemak was not related to writing speed, but to decrease the movement of the wrists while typing. The Colemak website claims that the fingers move 2.2 times more on a QWERY layout and that one can type 35 times more words using only the home row on Colemak. After all, hands are irreplaceable and one should take good care of them. The wrist-ache