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Well thought heading design

Have you ever read a news article or a blog when you were in a hurry or very tired? Did it happen to you that you skipped words or read something completely different than the written text? These things happen to me quite often, as I lack the time to read carefully. Recently something similar occurred to me on the Google Apps for businesses  website. I was tired and I misread the title "More than two million businesses run Google Apps" as "More businesses than two million businesses run Google Apps".  Look at the screenshot and think about the flow of the words and how they impacted your reading. My eyes slipped from the first line to the second and then (the brain) corrected the mistake and returned to reading the first line, followed by the second, like like I am used to. Maybe textbooks would be easier to read if they weren't linear? The interesting part is that I quickly skipped to the second line, more precisely to the word "businesses".

IE9 doesn't seem to understand background-color

I have recently created my first website using HTML5. I have used some CSS3 attributes like box-shadow and border-radius , and they render correctly in all browsers except IE. IE is retarded. To enable some HTML5 features in IE I used this code snippet: <!--[if IE]> <script src="" ></script> <![endif]--> While IE8 correctly positioned the elements, it still doesn't support CSS3. Below is a preview of IE8: However, IE9 preview, which brags about it's HTML5 support didn't even render the background-color correctly. What a shame. Surely it's a preview, but it should be better and not worse than IE8. On the bright side, the rest of the CSS, even the CSS3 tags, rendered correctly. See the rounded borders and shadow (looks like a glow) around the image: I am hoping that Microsoft fixes this bug, because regardless this bug the work they have done with hardware